Meaning Of Art Essay

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The other division is between pure arts, done for themselves, and practical arts, done for a practical purpose, but with artistic content.

Some people say that art is a product or item that is made with the intention of stimulating the human senses as well as the human mind, spirit and soul.

All the drawings I have in my room are based on a particular experience.

Those drawings show what motivated the artist, and what feelings he had deep inside him while drawing.

In my opinion, another criterion for something to be art is the emotion that it conveys.

If art neither communicates an emotion nor have a meaning, then it’s useless.Art and crafts is a creative activity that expresses imaginative or technical skill It produces an artifact, also called a work of art, for others to experience. They hope to affect the emotions of people who experience it.Some people find art relaxing, or exciting, or informative. Some say people are driven to make art due to their inner creativity.Every painting, drawing, sculpture, art comes from an artist’s mind; making it unique and personal.Even if an artist tries to imitate another’s drawing, the result will still have something different.An artwork is normally judged by how much impact it has on people, the number of people who can relate to it, and how much they appreciate it. The first and broadest sense of "art" means "arrangement" or "to arrange." In this sense, art is created when someone arranges things found in the world into a new or different design or form; or when someone arranges colors next to each other in a painting to make an image or just to make a pretty or interesting design. Artists may feel a certain emotion and wish to express it by creating something that means something to them.Most of the art created in this case is made for the artist rather than an audience.Islamic art includes geometric patterns, Islamic calligraphy, and architecture.In India and Tibet, painted sculptures, dance, and religious painting were done.All of the great ancient civilizations, such as Ancient Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome and Persia had works and styles of art.In the Middle Ages, most of the art in Europe showed people from the Bible in paintings, stained glass windows, and mosaic tile floors and walls.


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