Medical Assistant Essay

America is losing billions of dollars in this manner.

President Obama already warned Americans about the dangers associated with the outflow of domestic capital to foreign countries.

If someone is really sick, then I’m quiet and calm, and I just take care of them. You have to be a good multi-tasker, that’s crucial to the job.

Medical assistants are health care workers who help healthcare professionals in administrativeand clinical tasks.

You’ll lose your skills if you don’t get hands-on experience. The first time one of my patients died, I was crushed. But in an outpatient practice your experience with patients isn’t as concentrated as it is in a hospital. But you have to gauge the patient’s personality and match their mood.

You see your patients once a week, once a month or twice a year. Sometimes if I get the sense that they’re talkative and outgoing, then I ‘m chattier. I love what I do; I enjoy the versatility of medical assisting. I’ve worked with some elderly women who told me that they preferred my blood draws over others because I’m so gentle.Blood draws can be very painful, and they gave me great feedback. If they had trouble parking, I’ll give them parking vouchers.The doctor says…” If you’re interested in becoming a medical assistant, talk to a medical assistant and ask a lot of questions. Make sure you go to an accredited school and be careful that you have transferable credits.It’s important to become a certified medical assistant. If you decide to move up, you can go to school to become a nurse or a physician assistant.I have to make it clear to patients that I’m not a nurse. A medical provider such as a doctor or nurse must order everything I do.When I call a patient with test results I’ll say, “I’m calling with your results.Some of the major duties and responsibilities of a medical assistant are; measuring patients' vital signs, providing medications and injections at proper times, recording vital information about the patient’s health conditions periodically, helping the patients in preparing documents needed for the hospital and insurance companies, preparing and handling medical instruments, collecting bodily fluids and tissues for laboratory testing etc.One of the major problems in the healthcare industry is the shortage of manpower.Jennifer Kintz Medical Assistant Over 5 years in the field I saw a TV commercial about medical assisting that caught my eye.At the time, I was a single mother and I needed to find a way to make a decent living in order to support my daughter.


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