Metamorphosis Essay

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Hence his hopes have been broken and loyalty has been lost.

This illustration was used by Kafka to depict community’s assumptions neglecting loyalty when it becomes of no use.

All in all, on the sample of the family described in the story, Franz Kafka created an imagery of ill cruel society which is losing the most important traditional human moral values which have been passed down from generation to generation.

That’s why the problems which take place in the family of Gregor Samsa concern not only family life, but each surrounding community and the whole society.

One of the most important values such as empathy is not inherent in our life any more, as Kafka shows.

The family of Gregor-insect is not able to accept him as he is – with “his domelike brown belly” and “numerous legs, which were pitifully thin compared to the rest of his bulk” (Kafka, 32).

“The story presents the reader with the metaphor for a human existence in which spiritual reflection and interpersonal communication have been sacrificed for the sake of materialistic efficiency” (Die Verwandlung 1915: 1).

Indeed, showing the main character Gregor Samsa, who has found himself transformed “into a gigantic insect” physically (Kafka, 29), however, stayed human mentally, Kafka outlines his ability to preserve and keep humane values despite the fact of being an insect and having ugly appearance which is not accepted by his family, or society (in broader understanding).

It is shown that Grete was loyal to Gregor until he had “the firm intention of sending her to the Conservatory” (Kafka, 44) and had decent work where he could earn money to provide her with respectable life.

However, she changed her attitude drastically as soon as Gregor suffered transformation and became helpless and indigent.


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