Micheal Shapiro Biophysical Thesis

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High Energy Scattering of Hadrons by Bound Nucleons.

Proton Compton Scattering at High Energies and Small Momentum Transfer.

A Modified Algebra of Currents in Broken Chiral Symmetry.

Some Aspects in Source Theory and Higher Spin Theory.

Molecular Beam Magnetic Deflection and Resonance Experiments.

Angular Distributions in the Coincidence Electroproduction of Single Mesons. Pretransitional Phenomena in the Isotropic Phase of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals. Applications of Source Theory to Chiral Dynamics and the Electrodynmics of Vector Mesons. In 1909 the department awarded its first Ph D to Grace M.Bareis, whose dissertation was directed by Professor Harry W. However, the department did not begin awarding Ph Ds on a regular basis until 1929. Nuclear Magnetism of Solid Hydrogen at Low Temperatures. A Study of Reactions g P → P anything and g P → p anything. No other postgraduate degree is listed if not from Harvard. Ultrasonic Propagation in Emulsions and Suspensions. Topics in Transport and Electronic Properties of Alloys. Stimulated Light Scattering in Binery Gas Mixtures.


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