Military Discipline Essay

Civilian control has special significance today more than ever.

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The state must, as a matter of ongoing national policy, clearly and precisely specify the role of the military.

Certainly uniformed leaders can and should be consulted in this process as the mission of the military changes to suit new conditions.

I have no doubt they had as just a cause, one or even both parties, as our forefathers, and that the results will be as important and memorable.

And there was far more patriotism and heroism.” In the secular American religion of patriotism, this is high blasphemy.

NATO has made civilian control a prerequisite for joining the Alliance.

In encouraging democratization, the United States and other western powers use civilian control of the military as one measure of progress toward democratic process.

Since the earliest development of organized military forces in ancient times, governments, particularly republican or democratic governments, have been vulnerable to either being destroyed, overturned, or subverted by their armies.

All forms of government, from the purest democracies to the most savage autocracies, whether they maintain order and gain compliance by consent or by coercion, must find the means to assure the obedience of their military — both to the regime in power and to the overall system of government.

, and surviving records of the Lyceum note that the subject came up many times in debates, discussions, and lectures.

Thoreau’s own views were very much influenced by these non-resistants, and are often confused with them even today.


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