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Clayborne Carson, director of the Martin Luther King, Jr.Papers Project, and professor of history at Stanford University, found additionally that King's student essays and published and unpublished addresses and essays all contain "numerous instances of plagiarism and, more generally, textual appropriation." When the charges became public, some professors -- both black and white -- rushed to palliate or deny King's wrongdoing.

Not a single instance of plagiarism of any sort has been identified" (in Pappas Plagiarism 68).

Taking a similar tack, the committee of BU academics found "no blatancy" in the plagiarism despite the fact that King appropriated page after page from other works.

Theodore Pappas has written a piece for Chronicles magazine that should be required reading for every journalism student and journalist.

It tells the story of how the media, including book publishers, tried to suppress the story of how famed civil rights leader Dr.

This book was reviewed by Pappas, "A Houdini of Time," Chronicle (Nov. A faculty committee at Boston University, which awarded King the Ph.

D., concluded in 1991 that the first half of his dissertation was 45 percent stolen, the second half was 21 percent stolen, but the thesis nonetheless remains legitimate and "an intelligent contribution to scholarship." The school did not revoke his degree. 103.) Reed Irvine, who runs Accuracy in Media, a conservative media-monitoring organization, has summarized the scandal.

The earliest warning that King was a plagiarist came from Ira Zepp, in an unpublished story, which revealed that sections of King's book, Stride Towqard Freedom, had been lifted from books written by two theologians. The publication of this volume was delayed for many years because of this public relations problem.

His plagiarism includes his Nobel Prize lecture, his "I have a Dream" speech, and his "Letter from a Birmingham Jail." One biographer called this activity "ghostwriting." (Note: authors pay ghostwriters for their work. The response of the academic community and the media indicates that liberals' icons are not allowed to be publicly embarrassed, in life or posthumously.

This is perhaps the most outrageously hypocritical incident in the history of American higher education: how Boston University allowed Martin Luther King, Jr., to retain his doctorate posthumously. He also plagiarized sections of Stride Toward Freedom. (Theodore Pappas, "A Doctor in Spite of Himself: The Strange Career of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Dissertation," Chronicles [Jan.

This was reverse racism: "We white folks know that Darkies have different standards."(As a Christian Reconstructionist, I believe that God's law and moral standards aplly to everyone, across the board. This was his practice throughout his academic career. 1991].) The appearance of this article forced the American press to admit what King had done, how the editor of King's papers had suppressed the fact for years, lying to those who inquired about this.


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