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Thanks to this development, we have entered another level of human civilization, having everything to arrange happy and comfortable living.It can even be said that modern way of life and culture are dependent on some products of science and technology, as they have become an integral part of existence, taking into account needs and requirements of people.People should just learn how to use everything in a proper way.

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So, the age we have chance to live in now is considered to be called the era of science and technology.

Actually, Science and Technology introduces us the foundation of up-to-date civilization.

Scientifically created weapons like atom or hydrogen bombs are able to destroy the whole world in just few minutes.

Some people also think that it is not environmentally friendly to use all the advantages of scientific progresses.

Crime still happens now and has always happened in the past, technology has allowed us to be able to protect people from crime and to find out who the criminals are simply by using very modern microscopes that can identify a person by their DNA.

Technology will strengthen and more people will feel safe and the world will be a better place. We invented and developed the technologies to change our life to its best.Phones have shaped this world and have made technology more amazing than anyone could have imagined.Furthermore, technology is used to cure illnesses such as cancer which is one of the most common illnesses in society.Machines and robots have helped researches to find ways of preventing and curing cancer.Without technology, this wouldn’t have been done and many more people would be suffering from this illness.All these things mentioned above were possible only due to the rapid development of science and technology.So, no wonder that it plays a significant role in the modern life of people.Phones are the most selling items in today’s world, one of the man kinds of famous creations was the telephone, and now it’s almost like a computer.Phones can track where you and others are, they include the world wide web where you can search up anything of your desire, also other very small things such as being able to solve calculations and tell you the weather.In general, development of the country is strongly connected with the growth of the development in science and technology.These tree words, development, science and technology, always go together and are very necessary for people and their better living.


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