Mr Wolf I Solve Problems

Customers only continue doing business with us when we continue to solve their problems.

When we solve a complex problem for our customers we deliver value.

Com qualidade, confiança e proximidade nossos projetos e de nossos clientes ganham vida e superam as expectativas.

Quando desenvolvemos com o Wesley sabemos que não vamos nos incomodar com a execução ou acompanhamento do projeto.

If you’re selling direct to consumers there are still instances where your product helps a person help someone else.

If we are truly helping our customers solve problems, we’ll work hard to identify this hierarchy and maintain focus on it when it exists.The name MR WOLF stands for a solution based orientation."I solve problems", is Winston Wolf's famous quote from "Pulp Fiction".He walks in and has a clear, narrow description of what he does.He also acts professionally toward the ultimate customer (Jimmie, played by Quentin Tarantino) and is respectful in his home.Since 2003 I've been working with several agencies and digital studios for Brazilian brands like Friboi, Electrolux, Itaú, Marisol, Unimed and Lialine Shoes. I'm still working on UI and UX, Web Development and I'm excited to solve your problem too. In the Pulp Fiction scene Jimmie is the ultimate customer because he is the person with the real problem. He barks at Vincent and Jules (despite their having a part in hiring The Wolf) when they lose sight of the urgency of the problem.If you are in the business-to-business space, often your product or service ultimately helps your customer solve problems with or for her customer.Strengthening brands and (re)positioning them in the market.The agency's services include: - Foresight: trend studies and market analysis - Insight: target group definitions and customer journey mapping - Online: digital audits and social media benchmarking - Brand: brand positioning, brand narratives and visual identity - Ideation: co-creation formats and business model innovation MR WOLF is a member of the VOK DAMS GROUP, which, as one of the world's leading agencies for events and live marketing, has significantly expanded its own strategic competence and repositioned itself in the communications market.


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