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” The word itself originated sometime in the early 1960’s when computers were beginning to evolve into the modern, super-fast, data crunching, processing micro devices we know today.

Back in the early days, computers had to batch jobs, meaning they stacked them in a waiting order, and did one at a time.

Research has demonstrated that multitasking or toggling as it is the case here has led to shallowing of depth of thought and quality of output.

This toggling has also led to increased procrastination among students whereby they would rather shelve class work only to throw a paper at the last minute - needless to say that the paper will lack quality and will just be a scratch of the surface.

Joanne Cavanaugh Simpson observes that there has been a complete shift in the way that the new batch of students in her class has been behaving; many students are zoning out, very few are able to complete tasks and many others are not concerned about course details and would find it more attractive just to skim the details.

In the following discussion, Simpson explores the distraction that the Internet causes on the new batch of students.

This study was conducted in Utah with researchers (Sanbonmatsu et al. “If You Think You’re Good At Multitasking, You Probably Aren’t.

) in 2012 and used four distinct tests to determine not only a person’s ability to multitask, but their perception of how well they thought they could, as well as what types of personalities are more apt to think this way.

Research Essay: Is Multitasking Effective What is multitasking anyway? Multitasking is one of those subjects that the experts never seem to be able to agree on.

Is it a positive attribute to boast about on resumes, or is it a risky habit that is harmful to those with attention issues?


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