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An example of an interpersonal skill is empathy/rapport, which involves building interpersonal relationships whilst establishing familiarity (Tynan, Wolstencroft, Edmondson, & Swanson, 2013).These results imply that in the future, I am likely to build cohesive relationships with employees through sympathy and cooperation.For instance, when I meet a large group of unfamiliar people, I am reserved and lack confidence in expressing my true character from feeling uncomfortable.

Every individual possesses a unique and differently shaped personality that allows us to differentiate from others, and the Personal Style Inventory (PSI) is a questionnaire that illustrates a framework of the preferences we choose in life (Berney, 2010).

The results indicate which bipolar factors we prefer through a typology where I am ESFJ; extroversion, sensing/intuition, feeling and judging.

Such as studying for year 12 exams, I preferred to study alone and was agitated when disrupted by people.

However, with no external pressures or restrictions, I consider myself to have most strengths in the extroverted dimension where socialising and connecting with the environment keeps me uplifted and energised.

These facets accentuate that in my relationships i am more likely to trust and forgive others and form perceptions based on empathy.

Also, they both emphasise the ability to be warm and conciliate with others before making decisions, rather than focusing on impersonal success or goals (Hogan & Champagne, 1985).

However in comparison, I received the lowest score in the BFI’s extroversion dimension.

This contradiction displays that whether I depict extrovert or introverted characteristics depends on the situation present; it is a contingent trait.

Just as all human beings are born with a unique fingerprint, everyone possesses and exhibits a difference type of personality.

Throughout this essay I will be explain four diagnostic tools of analysing ones personality and the preferences we choose, being the Personal Style Inventory, The Big Five Indicator, Human Dynamics and Emotional Intelligence.


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