My Favorite Subject English Essay

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It is my favorite because I never have difficulty with it and always get good marks in tests.

I suppose I am lucky to be born with a clear-thinking brain.

We have provided ten lines on my favourite subject in simple and easy words so that you can use these lines while writing short essay on my favourite subject, my favourite subject speech, or few lines on my favourite subject for class 1, class 2, class 3 or class 4. 2) I love mathematics because it helps us in solving problems through logic.

3) Mathematics helps in counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division very useful in daily life.

10) As per our constitution Hindi is official language in more than 10 states of India and have played very important role in politics and film industry. These easy and effectively written 10 Lines will help you in discussions or competitions where you need to speak about your favorite subject.

Simple vocabulary has been used to illustrate the points in order to make them easily memorable.So ever since young, numbers and figures came easy to me.The wonderful thing about Mathematics is that, besides some formulae, there is nothing else to remember. Other subjects like History and Geography require a lot of memory work.My favourite subject plays a very crucial role in the society as well as in daily life of human being.While mathematics makes calculation easier, reading Hindi novels and fictions keep us engaged and free from stress.9) The simplest way to learn the mathematics is taking real life examples of time and distance, calculating averages in sports etc.10) History is full of mathematicians and great inventions in world are based on logics and theorems of mathematics.5) Through number system, a chapter in mathematics, we can solve many reasoning and data related problems verbally.6) Mathematics identifies different shapes of an object through study of geometry.5) Mathematics is the easiest subject to learn if you know the tricks and formulas correctly.4) Mathematics helps in identifying organized structure and objects through algebra.


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