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Just realize your mistakes and errors and prepare more yourself to benefit the team.When you come back the next time, be mentally and physically prepared, and ready to meet the next challenge.

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These experiences which I will cover in more depth are when I am a sport coach, school buddy and a team player.

Iana Lukina What did I learn from my leadership class?

There are lots examples of organizations in which everything seems to be done right, but something is still missing. There is nothing that can breathe life into the administrative system. They are doomed to such a gray existence, unless there is a person or a team of associates who discover the essence and meaning in this frozen system. In order to rise to the top, you need to have everything to climb.

Some leaders in my opinion who had these skills are Winston Churchill, Sir Alex Ferguson and Nelson Mandela.

There are also other leaders who have been dictatorial, and forced their beliefs and ideology on others such as Adolf Hitler, Stalin.


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