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I mention this variety to make it clear that what follows must be understood as incomplete.

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Instead there is reading as a philosopher, historian, cartographer, journalist, and so on.

Even within a discipline there is no single way to read.

In part, this is because there are many sub-types of writing within each field.

Perhaps the most prevalent form of writing among philosophers is argumentative writing.

But some philosophers work near the intersection of philosophy and literary criticism, where the phrase “I argue that …” simply means “I believe that …” and where few inferences may be offered.

Other philosophers work near the intersection of philosophy and physics, where sentences such as “∀n (Q(n) P(n))” might occur.

It is strange, in part, because the subject matter of philosophy is immaterial.

This shouldn’t suggest that facts don’t matter in philosophy. ” are not answered by plumbing the depths of empirical or even social objects.

For most people, these goals are unattainable unless they give themselves over to the strangeness and disquiet that so often comes with reading philosophy.

(2) The experience of reading philosophy is strange.


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