Naomi Klein Shock Doctrine Essay

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Those of you interested in writing about torture in the context of The Shock Doctrine will find The Body in Pain an excellent resource. The Shock Doctrine can be divided into these main sections 1.

Shock: Physical, Mental and Economic (However, I am going to embargo one topic: ECT, electroshock convulsive therapy, because I have read far too many papers on this subject because students find it both startling and easy to write about without going deeper.) 2.

For this first formal essay, you will be required to include citations from Klein’s book and, in addition, citations from at least two other scholarly sources.

Klein’s pages are a ready made research guide for you; however, there are thousands and thousands of other possible sources.

INTRODUCTION Blank Is Beautiful: Three Decades of Erasing and Remaking the World Part 1, Chapter 1: The Torture Lab Ewen Cameron, the CIA and the Maniacal Quest to Erase and Remake the Human Mind Part 1, Chapter 2: The Other Doctor Shock Milton Friedman and the Search for a Laissez-Faire Laboratory Part 2, Chapter 3: States of Shock The Bloody Birth of the Counterrevolution Part 2, Chapter 4: Cleaning the Slate Terror Does Its Work Part 2, Chapter 5: “Entirely Unrelated” How an Ideology Was Cleansed of Its Crimes Part 3, Chapter 6: Saved by a War Thatcherism and Its Useful Enemies Part 3, Chapter 7: The New Doctor Shock Economic Warfare Replaces Dictatorship Part 3, Chapter 8: Crisis Works The Packaging of Shock Therapy Part 4, Chapter 9: Slamming the Door on History A Crisis in Poland, a Massacre in China Part 4, Chapter 10: Democracy Born in Chains South Africa’s Constricted Freedom Part 4, Chapter 11: Bonfire of a Young Democracy Russia Chooses “The Pinochet Option” Part 4, Chapter 12: The Capitalist ID Russia and the New Era of the Boor Market Part 4, Chapter 13: Let It Burn The Looting of Asia and “The Fall of a Second Berlin Wall” Part 5, Chapter 14: Shock Therapy in the U. Address the overall thesis of the book, selecting the examples that most interest you. You will need to discuss this topic with me prior to beginning your essay process. You will need to find good sources and have a conversation with me about those sources.

Here is a useful page to get you started: Defining Capitalism, Communism, Fascism, Socialism 6.Chile as the first example of the shock doctrine in action 3. Write an essay defining capitalism, free market capitalism, democracy, socialism and/or Marxism.The World Bank and IMF as global institutions fostering the shock doctrine 4. The shock doctrine in Iraq Take any one of these sections and write an essay concentrating on her thesis and discussion in said section. Take one chapter and discuss her thesis/argument/examples in that chapter. The Homeland Security Bubble Part 5, Chapter 15: A Corporatist State Removing the Revolving Door, Putting in an Archway Part 6, Chapter 16: Erasing Iraq In Search of a “Model” for the Middle East Part 6, Chapter 17: Ideological Blowback A Very Capitalist Disaster Part 6, Chapter 18: Full Circle From Blank Slate to Scorched Earth Part 7, Chapter 19: Blanking the Beach “The Second Tsunami” Part 7, Chapter 20: Disaster Apartheid A World of Green Zones and Red Zones Part 7, Chapter 21: Losing the Peace Incentive Israel as Warning Conclusion: Shock Wears Off The Rise of People’s Reconstruction 3. Please make sure that you do appropriate research into the film. Use the Oxford English Dictionary as your starting point.So for all sources available electronically, please include the URL. Your final draft should have at least two citations from The Shock Doctrine and at least two scholarly citations from one or more outside sources you “discover” yourself. Transition into and out of quotations carefully — see MLA Handbook for instructions about how to do this. Define your topic either by taking one of the suggested ones above or creating your own, but in any case, describe your topic in some way, possibly using a quote to stimulate your thinking. It can be helpful to use a quote to begin your thinking. https://edu/course/wra/130/fernandez/study_guide/study_? https://edu/course/wra/130/fernandez/study_guide/5. Create a Tree Diagram.https://edu/course/wra/130/fernandez/study_guide/tree_diagram_? It is up to you and your writing group members to help you find and fix editing problems before you hand in your final draft. Your thesis and topic sentences should be generalizations. The body of your final draft should be a full four pages minus headers.Try finding a quote that somehow stimulates your thinking. Your final draft should be as close to letter perfect as possible but the first draft need not be. Your works cited page is a separate page and should be formatted as such.This means you ‘go to the library’ and put your hands on a scholarly document yourself or locate an electronic version of a printed scholarly document available through our library web site or you interlibrary loan a scholarly document. Don’t put an idea on your tree and imply it in the actual essay. You may have as many topic sentences as you wish but no fewer than two. All body paragraphs should have topic sentences and all topic sentences should appear on your tree diagram.Web, magazine, encyclopedia or newspaper sources may NOT be counted as part of your outside sources for this class. Your last name Essay 2 First Draft Delete everything in your pre-writing except your tree diagram and your Works Cited.You may develop your own topic; however, make sure your topic is worthy of development at the college level.Many times students choose topics which are far too general because they think there will be more to say, but overly general topics do not work, especially for the shorter essays you are writing.The driving analogy compares disaster capitalism to torture, which shocks, distracts, and deconstructs the popular identity while agents provocateurs slip in otherwise rejected reforms.These reforms have vast repercussions to all affected.


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