Newspaper Reporting Terms

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The pictures you see are called a float because they are floated over the voice of the presenter.

They are used to illustrate what the presenter or guest is talking about.

Correspondent Video, audio and text-based A journalist who is an expert in a particular subject who reports on that kind of news e.g.

a cricket correspondent, arts correspondent or Middle East correspondent.

It could be a still picture or photo illustrating the story.

Chroma-key Video A process which allows you to film a presenter in front of a blank screen and add in different pictures behind, making it look as though they are somewhere else. In the BBC it is often called Colour Separation Overlay (CSO ) Contacts book Video, audio and text-based The place journalists keep the names, addresses and phone numbers of the people they meet and speak to.

For example by BBC Political Correspondent John Smith.

Caption Text-based A sentence underneath a picture explaining what it is. It could be a way of illustrating someone being interviewing on the phone (with a picture of where they are, or what the story is about, plus some text giving their name).

If you need to know your OOV from your ACT, have a look at the list of definitions below.

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