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’…Still, it seemed like a good idea at the time.) I smiled politely, but the supposition mystified me. There had been interesting, sometimes even enjoyable bits along the way- selling the rights to a book for an unfeasibly large sum of money, for example, meeting the people responsible for the film version, seeing the end product, which I liked a lot.

I’d be very suspicious, however, of any writer who was actually excited by any of this process, which can on occasion be distasteful (About a Boy ate up a director and got spat out by another film company before it was made) and stupefying prolonged; indeed, the time before, during and after a film’s release is positively unpleasant.

Hornby’s parents divorced when he was young, after which he lived with his mother and sister.

He received a degree in English literature from the University of Cambridge in 1979 and began his studies at a teachers’ training school the following year.

It’s one of the very few English records of recent years I’ve had any time for; it’s thoughtful, quirky without being inept (despite my earlier presumption that the name of the artist was somehow indicative of the ramshackle nature of the music, a presumption that stopped me from listening to him for a while), it’s melodic, it borrows lightly from all sorts of folky, rocky things I like (Damon Gough is an early-Springsteen devotee), it doesn’t show off, it is un-English in the sense that it wouldn’t be much use to Ibizan clubbers or boozed-up football hooligans, it has soul.

It also sounds cinematic, with its little snatches of orchestration (it begins with a brass-band instrumental that would not have been out of place in a gentle sixties comedy) and its range of moods.Try it now for corporate finance thesis FREE Academic Writing Help in MBA corporate finance thesis Projects, Research Papers, Dissertations and Thesis Topics.Join INSEEC specialized MBA program in ucl ioa essay guidelines Finance, Accounting and Strategy to work as a financial consultant, entrepreneur, controller.Join Britannica's Publishing Partner Program and our community of experts to gain a global audience for your work!Nick Hornby, in full Nicholas Hornby, (born April 17, 1957, Redhill, Surrey, England), British novelist, screenwriter, and essayist known for his sharply comedic, pop-culture-drenched depictions of dissatisfied adulthood as well as for his music and literary criticism.Seeing one’s words converted into Hollywood cash is gratifying in all sorts of ways, but it really cannot compare to the experience of hearing them converted into music: for someone who has to write books because he cannot write songs, the idea that a book might produce a song is embarrassingly thrilling.Like a lot of people, I spent a large chunk of 2000 listening to and loving Badly Drawn Boy’s The Hour of the Bewilderbeast album.You get reviewed all over again; you discover that half your friends never read the book in the first place; the bits of the film the people like the most turn out to be nothing to do with you.But the first time I heard the soundtrack to the film really was exciting, in the proper, tingly sense of the word.Together with additional writings on music from his column in the new Yorker – seen in the UK for the first time – 31 Songs is for Hornby what many of us have always wanted: a soundtrack to accompany life. It is not simply about music…it is about Hornby, and us, and about being alive.His enthusiasm is such that he makes me want to be a better listener – and I can offer no better compliment.


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