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Research involving living humans usually requires the review and approval of the UBC Behavioral Research Review Committee as well as permission from communities affected.

Supervisory Committees supervise and bear ultimate responsibility for approving research carried out by Ph D candidates.

It is critically important that Ph D candidates keep their Supervisory Committees well informed of their research activities.

The dissertation is written under the supervision of the Supervisory Committee.

The Chair schedules the University Examination in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and with the Department’s Graduate Secretary so as not to conflict with other Departmental activities.

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies does not permit examinations during December and August. For additional information and to ensure successful completion of the dissertation defense, Chairs of Advisory Committees should consult the Guide to Procedures on the Completion of the Ph. [I wrote this in 1993 as a letter to a student concerning a draft of his dissertation.The Ph D dissertation is normally an original and significant contribution to knowledge.In most cases, it entails original research involving fieldwork in the form of ethnographic studies, archaeological excavation and analysis, or archival research.A minimum time of six to eight weeks must be allowed between transmission to the Dean and the date of the University examination.The Faculty of Graduate Studies administers the University Examination.The thesis is also read by an External Examiner not associated with the University or connected with the supervision of the thesis, whose participation is normally by correspondence.The Supervisory Committee Chair, in consultation with the Head of the Department, selects the two University Examiners from within and external to the Department.Click here for detailed information on the final doctoral examination.Under exceptional circumstances, the AGSC may be petitioned to allow the Departmental examination to proceed in the absence of the candidate.


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