Non Verbal Communication Essay

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The type ofcommunication therefore affirms a verbally communicated message or may identify insincerity in verbal communication.

In this paper, I review a case study from non-verbal communication’s perspective.

A good speaker should take note of where and when make these pauses in his speech so that he does not lose his audience (Trahant, 2006).

In addition to making pauses in his speech, the governmental figure also seems not only to be serious throughout the speech but his facial expression follows the mood of his audience.

It is a known fact that the public is more appreciative of listening to a confident person than to a person without confidence because a message delivered with confidence is always better received.

Confidence also gives the impression of the speaker is telling the truth because all his words are said without anything that might suggest that he is lying to his audience.

It can be seen that they have studied the history of what they are communicating and have made their own personal analysis of it before coming to make their speech to the public.

It seems that the public is more receptive of the speaker and what he is saying because of this and this may ensure that the speaker has the undivided attention of the public.

The knowledge of the subject matter ensures that the speaker is able to communicate well with the public and that what he says is comprehensible (Sam, 2003).

His understanding of the subject also ensures that the speaker is able to interpret and simplify the message for his audience so that they are better able to understand what it is he is trying to pass on to them.


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