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This quantitative and qualitative research was the largest single survey of adolescent drug use in Britain, although its findings are similar in many respects to the numerous, smaller local and national cross-sectional studies that began in the mid-1980s and have continued since.This essay is going to look at Howard Parker et al’s (1998) theory of ‘normalisation’ and critically evaluate whether or not it still relevant in contemporary society.The essay will begin by explaining the theory in relation to how and where it developed from.From an academic point of view, the need to draw all this data into some theoretical synthesis that seeks to explain why politicians enjoy the rhetoric of a war against drugs when many of the battles are a waste of time and money needs urgent revision.A number of academics have made important historical contributions to this theoretical development, in particular Jock Young's paradigm of a society needing to find moral scapegoats.Type C drugs are the least harmful and are perhaps the easiest to obtain, for example cannabis is a type C drug and it is the most widely used drug amongst young people.Research suggests that young people regard cannabis in the same way that they regard alcohol and tobacco. These are expensive drug habits to feed once addicted, and it was found that they were in fact more widely used in private schools.12 Parker et al.Over the past decade the availability of a variety of drugs has increased.With more and more drugs becoming available on the streets, prices are falling lower than ever.The North West Longitudinal Study was able to attract considerable resources and given its longitudinal validity provides a considerable payoff in terms of methodological robustness when compared to the many smaller, somewhat isolated studies.Nevertheless the specific results overall are not that much different from the many other studies, in that we know that recreational drug use has increased in popularity and acceptance among young people, and to some extent the points of detail about which drug is fashionable in what time and space seem increasingly less interesting (although these are important details for locally based service providers and health educators).


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    Further, a nuanced understanding of normalisation will typically draw attention to the idea that “some types of drugs and some types of drug use may be more normalized for some groups” Shildrick, 2002, which accounts for why the normalisation thesis has primarily been useful in understanding cannabis use across age demographics.…

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    The concept of the normalisation of drug use first emerged in Britain during the 1990s when the availability of a range of substances expanded, matched by a sharp increase in recreational drug use, and a wider acceptance of it. The normalisation thesis Aldridge et al. 2011; Parker…

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    By the final chapter we do not need any more convincing that adolescent substance use is now relatively `normal', but the authors remind us of this fact using the grand term `normalisation thesis'. After hundreds if not thousands of local health authority prevalence studies and several national studies hopefully this is now fairly widely.…

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    Much like the thesis here, the research in this document adopts the same rationales or assumptions but with a specific focus on people between the ages of 18-45 whom reside in the South West. In Parker, Williams and Aldridge 2002 they measure ‘sensible’ recreational drug use by adopting the normalisation theory.…

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    Contact Information of Chris Parker, Sports Reporter at Asbury Park Press,Sports. Articles, email address, Twitter and web statistics.…

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    Normalisation Thesis Parker Et Al. The normalisation thesis 20 years later Drugs Education. The normalisation thesis is one of the most significant recent theoretical developments to have emerged in the youth and drug studies literature, nbsp; The normalisation of drug use among young people –. com.…

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    Use continually change. Accordingly, each thesis, report or book on this subject tends to have a relatively short shelf-life and to become a historical, rather than current, contribution in a matter of weeks or months Plant and Plant, 1992, 1. There can be no doubt that Britain’s relationship with illicit drugs changed dramatically…

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    Thus, the start of the literature review will consider the concept of normalisation, in relation to how normalisation has evolved and changed as a concept over time; and how it has devolved into Parker et al’s. 2002 normalisation thesis that has been used for this research. Thus, Parker et al’s.…

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