Nothing Is Impossible For A Willing Heart Essay

Nothing Is Impossible For A Willing Heart Essay-7
Here you find true ‘riches and honour’ (Proverbs ).This is the way to a Matthew -30 Do you sometimes find yourself facing a seemingly impossible situation?He rejects his glib explanation of why he is suffering. He says, ‘I loathe my life; therefore I will give free rein to my complaint and speak out in the bitterness of my soul’ (v.1).

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When Job replies, he says, ‘Indeed, I know that this is not all. He cries out to God, ‘I could only plead with my Judge for mercy’ (v.15). He admits his struggles and doubts, and even his anger, at what is happening to him.The writer of Proverbs sees wisdom as a Person (vv.13–18).As we read this through the lens of the New Testament, we see that that Person is Jesus. It is far more profitable than all the material blessings (vv.14–15a).Maybe he was talking of threading rope through the eye of a needle.These attempts to rationalise the words of Jesus miss the point.We’ll never comprehend all the great things he does; his miracle-surprises can’t be counted’ (Job 9:4–5,10, MSG). You watched and guarded every breath I took’ (, MSG).There is an extraordinary mixture here of honest struggles and faith.And it is nothing compared to the cost of following Jesus. Furthermore, it is nothing compared to what you receive: ‘And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for my sake will receive a Lord, help me to be willing to give everything I have for the sake of the kingdom of God.Thank you that the greatest and most enduring riches come from following Jesus.They should be for us too: the 30,000 children dying each day through desperate poverty and starvation, the oppressed people of so many countries, the homeless on our streets, the voiceless and the vulnerable.Jesus rarely told people to give away everything, but in this case he did. There is the to be willing to fly his flag in a hostile world.


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