Nuclear Technology Persuasive Essay

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As citizens of the fictitious town of Solutionville, students must decide whether or not they support building a nuclear power plant in the community to replace coal as their source of electricity.Students should enter into this activity having practiced how to critically evaluate sources of information, identify those that are credible, and defend a position with evidence.

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We need tools to help us better understand the various dimensions of a problem, what factors we must weigh in deciding whether a solution is good/viable or not, and where to find credible information to help us draw conclusions.

In this lesson, students will obtain, evaluate, and critically discuss information about the highly-debated topic of nuclear energy.

Imagine that a school tries to reduce food waste in their own cafeteria by fining students who do not finish the food they buy for lunch.

For every piece of food that is bought from the cafeteria and thrown away instead of being eaten, a student must pay $1.00. Agree/Disagree: Establish one side of the classroom as the ‘Agree’ side and one as the ‘Disagree’ side.

As a voting citizen of Solutionville, you must decide whether or not you support building a nuclear power plant to provide energy and electricity to homes and businesses. Hold a community vote on whether or not to build a nuclear power plant, then present the results of both the initial poll and final voting results to the students.

Teacher Tip: For a fast, easy, and anonymous poll, you can use clickers or a free app like Socrative which lets students vote using their smartphones, tablets, or a web browser. On the board, draw a chart of benefits and drawbacks of nuclear energy like the one in the Nuclear Energy Reading. Ask students to explain their thinking and to justify their points by citing the sources they read. Before taking the official vote, consider allowing one advocate from each side, if interested, to ‘make their case’ in front of the class; students can both practice listening for evidence and listening respectfully. At the end of the lesson, or for homework, have students write a reflection on what they learned.In this unit, we'll explore the issues associated with fossil fuels and how people are coming up with innovative sustainable energy alternatives for a brighter future.- In 1789, Uranium was discovered by a German chemist.[tags: Chernobyl disaster, Nuclear power, Coal] - Let’s imagine that we are on a freeway.Just a few miles over the horizon lies the ultimate consumption of our planet’s fossil fuel supply.The (fictitious) town of Solutionville is trying to figure out a way to replace their current coal-fired power plants with cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.At a recent town meeting, it was proposed that the town build a nuclear power plant.The Tokaimura incident is one of many nuclear catastrophes in Japan making citizens unhappy [Cont. What is Japan’s current situation in relation to nuclear energy today.The late 1990’s was a boom in Japan’s electrical output with the help of the very first Nuclear Power plant built in the Tokai area the power plant generated up to 27.7 Billion Kilowatt hours of energy in its 2 years of up-time [ org]....The United States, along with many other countries around the world, are looking at nuclear energy as the possible solution.But, despite many advancements and benefits, the usage of nuclear energy still has the power and chance to devastate civilizations around the world, and may not even solve the prevailing issue of carbon emissions....


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