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In case the initial care provided is not successful a nurse must come up with a different plan of action.Nurses also play the role of patient advocate, patient educator, empower patients, and much more.

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Besides, often, they should combine their study and work.

Nurses come first to your help, even before a doctor.

I will describe how the nursing roles reflecting in the video, I will discuss differences and similarities, and list characteristic of professional nursing behavior. All nurses are caregivers that are their job to care for those who are sick or unwell....

Well, if you answered yes to the questions then you will love this paper. Specifically I will write about caregivers and teachers in nursing.

Thus, you will get the following advantages: 1) have more time on practicing in the hospital; private life, etc.

2) have good marks and the opportunity to continue your study, 3) learn theoretical materials quickly using professional writers’ help and experience.

They recommend you how to cope with different types of injuries, illnesses, and give you the correct medical instruction and support you when you feel bad.

Therefore, they should also do both – practice a lot and write some papers to pass their exams.

[tags: Nurse, Nursing, Florence Nightingale, Patient] - nursing influences such as Dretske, Murray, and Lipsey.

Kolcaba (2003) also referenced governing bodies such as the American Nurses Association, International Council of Nurses, and the Health Resources and Services Administration.


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