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Conceptual uncertainty makes for interesting dialogue, much of it overly tedious and seemingly unending, but its exposition and analysis provide healthy catalytic stimulation for professional journalists.

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And, of course, historically, news has been considered, despite semantic difficulties, the core substance of journalism.

But, from a realistic perspective, news today has lost its primary status.

It is this, more than the bias, that infuriates the astute audience member. Media managers and staffers throughout the hierarchy have their values.

This is natural, and it is strange that media people would deny their biases.

Now it is generally believed that when a person buys a newspaper, he/she buys a point of view.

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Or perhaps better, when a person listens to, or reads, a reporter’s story, what is received is a point of view.They must avoid profanity and they cannot invade the privacy of others or glorify bad behavior. Everyone in the audience has an equal right to expect to be treated fairly, regardless of race, color, philosophy, religion, gender, age, or economic status. They should never apply different standards to different people or groups. In the 1980s there were several unusual violations to journalism.Reporters were caught making up parts or all of their stories.Basic public communication concepts such as news, objectivity, truth, journalism, reporter, magazine, newspaper, social media, bias, propaganda, mass, public opinion, profession, media (all kind) and media ethics-these and many others wait meaningful definitions.One of the most troublesome of the concepts is “the news”. Journalists generally claims they know the news when they see it.They cannot express personal feelings, likes or dislikes to color news stories.Journalists should always seek to provide the audience with unbiased accounts of the news.Jacques Derrida, a French philosopher who has been a leader in inter-subjective postmodernism, has argued that interpretation is part of reality.Increasingly, however, journalists are beginning to recognize the impossibility (and the weakness) of so-called objectivity.


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