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From walking into the class, Katia was telling Mrs.Thomas how she was doing and was smiling immediately when coming in the room. Thomas and Katia caught up on how Katia was and then began their lesson.Mikayla Gear TCH 321 Classroom Observations For my TCH 321 class, I had the opportunity to observe an ESL teacher, Mrs. I got to observe how she works with English Language Learners at the school and see, first hand, how it is to teach ELLs.

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The room consists of her desk and computer, shelves of resources, and a table with chairs for the students. They first went through the story looking and describing the illustrations only, reading the text while pausing at some points to summarize what is happening in each paragraph, and then answering reading comprehension questions at the end of the lesson. Katia spent time looking at all of the details of the illustrations and for each image, she made inferences and predictions about the text, creating her own perspective of what the story is about.

Using pictures is a great way to determine the emotion, mood, settings, and changes within the readings, and Mrs.

The written language allowed Katia to understand vocabulary words that she has not seen before just using the content surrounding the word. Strategies: During this observation, the one thing that stuck out to me was Mrs. As her student was reading and looking at the pictures, Mrs.

Thomas questioned what the characters were doing and feeling, where the story took place, why the characters are feeling and doing something, what the students in the story are collecting, what are the names of the characters, and more.

The classroom sizes are at the normal average of students.

Walking around the school, I saw that there was a main office, a gymnasium, a library, a computer learning center, many classrooms of different sizes and small group rooms and general classrooms), etc.

Stevenson Elementary School is made up of a very diverse community of students living in Bloomington, Illinois.

In Bloomington, the community races consist of Hispanic, White, Black, Asian, American Indian, and more.

Also, throughout the questions, Katia was asked to relate to the story and make a connect based on her own personal experiences.

For example, she said that she remembered when she was a new student and did not know anyone but then she made two really good friends and was more comfortable coming to school, just like the character in the story that she read.


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