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Each desires the comfort of a friend, but will settle for the attentive ear of a stranger.Curley’s wife admits to Candy, Crooks, and Lennie that she is unhappily married, and Crooks tells Lennie that life is no good without a companion to turn to in times of confusion and need.It could be argued that all the characters in the novel share this dream.

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Ever’body wants a little piece of lan’.” George and Lennie’s dream is of a place where “nobody gonna hurt nobody nor steal from ’em.” These paradises—real and imaginary—are contrasted with the ranch, which is owned by Curley’s father and is a place of fear and isolation, a place where the workers get hurt and robbed.

This contrast indicates that land-ownership is like Satan’s treachery in the biblical story: it is the act which destroys innocence and paradise.

Having just admitted his own vulnerabilities—he is a black man with a crooked back who longs for companionship—Crooks zeroes in on Lennie’s own weaknesses.

In scenes such as this one, Steinbeck records a profound human truth: oppression does not come only from the hands of the strong or the powerful.

After hearing a description of only a few sentences, Candy is completely drawn in by its magic.

Crooks has witnessed countless men fall under the same silly spell, and still he cannot help but ask Lennie if he can have a patch of garden to hoe there.

Curley’s wife, for instance, has resigned herself to an unfulfilling marriage.

What makes all of these dreams typically American is that the dreamers wish for untarnished happiness, for the freedom to follow their own desires.

By the time Lennie finds himself back beside the pool, not even the Eden-like qualities of the setting can prevent his death.

Introduction How does Steinbeck present the American Dream in 'Of Mice And Men' The American Dream is the term used for the dream that all American people share particularly during The Grate Depression.


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