Oh Captain My Captain Analysis Essay

“O Captain, My Captain” tells of a ship returning home after the victory of an arduous battle, only to find that their leader is deceased.

It is an elegy on the death of Abraham Lincoln, the president of the U. He decided to abate slavery and set the Negroes free .

He was too full of the milk of human kindness that he couldn't endure the bad condition of the Negro-slaves in the southern states. Paradoxically, though, within that same journey, the sea possesses an innate sense of timelessness that can become a man’s quest for God.

The three-stanza poem employs a layered conceit which represents Abraham Lincoln as the eponymous “Captain” of a ship returning to port.

” to commemorate Abraham Lincoln in the wake of his assassination in 1865, just five days after the end of the American Civil War.

Extending on this idea, with the recent accomplishments of winning the Civil War and holding on to the Union, he feels that Lincoln's death is impossible.

Whitman later talks about the celebration with references towards the bells, flag, bugles, bouquets, wreaths, and crowded shores, which are described in lines (9-10): O Captain! rise up Untitled Walt Whitman, a Great American Poet Walt Whitman was among the most influential poets in American. While the civil war fought under Lincoln leadership is symbolized as a "fearful trip" a dangerous voyage. The poet conveys his deep admiration for the achievements of Abraham Lincoln. Putting these symbols in mind, it will be easy to understand the metaphor that is sustained through out the poem. The poet shares his form by using a physical way of laying out and her attitude through , Whitman was a supporter of the Union and preserving it to it's fullest extent. Walt Whitman learned many lessons of life by his parents. He remained devoted to his family throughout his life. Lincoln found himself in a very hard situation but he didn't accept this and decided to fight a bloody civil war. His grief was so intense that he wrote four elegies on the death of the president in which Whitman found the symbol for the suffering and the death of so many soldiers he had witnessed." O, Captain! " sounds the cry of the poet's broken heart over his hero's death. Of course, the southern states opposed this decision and decided to break away from the northern states. The poet begins his poem by stating that they have finished their "fearful trip". He felt an enormous amount of admiration and gratitude towards President Abraham Lincoln and small portion of "Leaves of Grass" is dedicated to Lincoln. They have won the prize they sought and due to the captain's skillfulness and valor, the ship was sailing safely towards home and it almost reached it for "the port is near". This section, entitled "Memories of President Lincoln", contain two of Whitman's most renowned poems, called "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd" and "O Captain! " The extremely popular, rhymed, and pleasures, but they are all a part of the American dream (Miller, James 146-147). He was kind, gentle, sympathetic yet brave and determined. Walt Whitman, who idolized Lincoln because he felt that they shared the common goal of uniting the nation, wrote one of his most famous poems, “O Captain! ” as a lament, portraying the horror he felt after hearing of the loved president’s death Journey Theme in Whitman’s O Captain! and Tennyson’s Crossing the Bar A man’s journey at sea has always been romanticized as an individualistic struggle against the backdrop of the cruel elements of nature. He succeeded in his war and was able to save his country and keep it united. A cry and a grief that despite of their intensity are not expressed directly.


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