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Creative writing majors often take courses focusing individually on fiction, poetry, playwriting, screenwriting and nonfiction.

Writing Workshops Detroit is an independent writing school for hardworking, talented writers who want to strengthen their voice, develop a greater understanding of craft, and forge a path to publication along the way.

We offer multi-week writing courses, seminars, and individual consultations to fiction writers, nonfiction writers, poets, and screenwriters.

Emphasis is placed on poetic style, voice and form in the verse, stanza and overall poem.

Various styles and forms of poetry are examined, from free verse and ballad style to the quatrain, haiku and sonnet.

Enrollees are introduced to the concept of a writing workshop, wherein they share pieces with peers in order to give and receive feedback.

This foundational course in short story writing is geared toward creative writing majors.

Whether you’ve got your heart set on working as a freelancer, writing a novel, publishing a children’s book, becoming a poet or just writing for the joy of it, this study will get the words flowing.

Studying online means that you can build your skills at a pace that suits you- perhaps fitting in your study around your work.

Students also experiment with writing these genres.

The class is usually comprised of technique and style discussions, reading assignments and writing exercises.


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