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Moreover, they can be overworked by assuming activities of the employees who leave the organization.

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The absence of qualified professionals in a determined region may result in an inviable determined operation, thus affecting the region socioeconomically (Silva , 2013).

Table I portrays some of possible negative consequences of the turnover mentioned in this section, in regard to organization perspective, individual (who stays and who leaves the organization) and the society.

The negative ones are: In regard to the consequences to the individual, it is important to highlight that not always the reason of the turnover is related to the organization.

There are personal reasons such as changing of spouse job, the wish to dedicate to family or to indulge in another activity.

The results suggest that affective and normative commitments and satisfaction with pay, satisfaction with promotions and satisfaction with the nature of the work are correlated with the intention of negative turnover significantly.

Among the demographic factors, only the age showed a negative correlation with intent to turnover.

There are several negative and positive consequences of turnover, as in organizational, individual scope, and as in society (Dalton and Todor, 1979).

The following consequences are related to the organization.

Established in the 1990s by professionals of area, T. C is a civil, non-profit, private association which creates products, processes, services and enterprises using TIC.

Based on the argument exposed here, the following question of research was formulated: The noun turnover is attributed to inflow and outflow of employees of an enterprise and it is considered one of the most important organizational phenomena, because it obligates the managers to be capacitated to analyze, comprehend and manage its consequences.


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