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Your child should know that a certain time every day is reserved for studying and doing homework.The best time is usually not right after school — most children benefit from time to unwind first. Even if they don't have homework, the reserved time should be used to review the day's lessons, read for pleasure or work on an upcoming project.

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Whether you are in high school, college, or beyond, organization is key to academic success.

Did you know that you can actually improve your grades if you can organize your homework and study time effectively?

If you can’t carry around several packs of sticky notes, then keep white notes and use colored pens.

Another use for colored flags is marking a date in your organizer.

Use checklists to post assignments, household chores and reminders about what materials to bring to class.

Your child should keep a small pad or notebook dedicated to listing homework assignments.The last thing you want is a kid working through a history essay at 10 o'clock at night.If you child has a bigger assignment that isn't due right away, show them how to organize it into smaller chunks that they can work into their usual homework session.Even though you may keep a planner with you, a wall calendar can be exceptionally useful.School isn’t your whole life and sometimes you have a lot of clubs and engagements to keep track of.Use dividers to separate class notes, or color-code notebooks.Separate "to do" and "done" folders help organize worksheets, notices and items to be signed by parents and provide a central place to store completed assignments.Color coding can come in useful in a number of ways, even for a very disorganized student.Just think: if you see a random paper floating around you’ll be able to know at a glance if it’s a history note, research paper note, or math paper.Crossing completed items off the list will give him a sense of accomplishment.You can even use apps like Google Keep, where you can create shared checklists.


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