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These microspheres were subsequently added to a 10 ml vial with 5 ml of saline to form an elution.These radioactive microspheres were then analyzed to determine their radiochemical purity.

The radiochemical purity was found to be more than 99% for the Azer spheres in saline and acetone solution.

And it was less than 95% for the Azar spheres in saline solution.

The term has been extended to include other methods utilizing the same principle, although no colors are produced in the column. The mobile phase of chromatography refers to the fluid that carries the mixture of substances in the sample through the adsorptive material.

The stationary or adsorbent phase refers to the solid material that takes up the particles of the substance passing through it.

The impurities were calculated by expressing the percentage of activity corresponding to the total activity on the plate.

The chromatography spectrums of Azer sphere 1, Azar sphere 1 and Az sphere 1 and those for free Al Azer sphere 2, Azar sphere 2 and Az sphere 2 are shown in Figures 1 and 2.

For these reasons, the US Pharmacopeia and US Food and Drug Administration have set limits on impurities in different radiopharmaceuticals that must not be exceeded in clinical operations. Approximately 1 ml of the appropriate solvent was placed into the vial and two droplets of radioactive solution were dropped onto it, forming a spot about 1 cm in diameter.

Radiochemical impurities were checked using the two-solvent system: (a) saline solution (Na Cl 0.9%) as the mobile phase on Whatman no. After drying the droplets, the strips were placed in the appropriate solvent and the solvent was allowed to migrate until it reached the top of the strip. After the strip had dried, it was cut into eight 1 cm pieces and the radioactivity of each segment was measured in an alpha and beta counter (LB123 UMO Berthold) for 1 min. The chromatography spectra are shown in Figures 1 and 2 and indicate low levels of impurities for these microspheres.

Paper chromatography with acetone and 0.9% Na Cl was shown to be a simple and quick method for routine quality control of radiopharmaceuticals.

It confirmed that glass microspheres prepared by the new procedure are a radiopharmaceutical of high efficiency and radiochemical purity with a satisfactory number of particles of the required size.


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