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The psychological experiences from the relationship follow the individual from adolescence into adulthood and determine how the individual perceives life.The mother-child relationship is the only relationship one can have before entering the world.She has published numerous essays in various media outlets including Newsweek and the Washington Post, and has served as an editor for teen writers of Imagine, a magazine published by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.

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Since the sperm fertilized the egg and the human fetus began to grow, we depended on her.

A mother is the first person that cares for the child, and is who the child wants when they are unhappy or uncomfortable.

In the eyes of a child, a mother is a superhero that can do anything, and can make everything better.

Although a big part of a mother’s job is to be responsible for the physical being of the child, she is also responsible for the psychological well-being.

This can be the cause of a child’s defiant behavior.

If a child goes to their mother with some news they think is exciting and the mother is nonchalant in return, the child will doubt their confidence. If a full-to-bursting senior schedule doesn’t create enough stress in students’ lives, the increasingly competitive college admissions process, with its ever-earlier application deadlines, likely will.Some Early Admissions deadlines are as soon as mid-October, giving students hardly any time during their first semester of senior year to craft that winning essay.When the mother expresses disappointment, the child’s self-esteem is affected. In a healthy disciplinary situation the bad things pointed out by the mother should end with encouragement for the child to do better next time. Now that the Fourth of July is behind us, forward-thinking families are beginning to prepare for the coming school year. Senior year of high school is an exceedingly busy time for students.That means pulling out summer reading lists; encouraging kids to sharpen their math skills; and, for those whose children are rising high school seniors, starting to think about the college essay. Clearing time during the fall semester to develop a thoughtfully crafted Common Application Essay—the notorious 650-word personal piece of writing that students hope will wow college admissions officers and secure them a spot at their dream college—suddenly becomes an enormous challenge in the midst of all the other academic, college-related, and social obligations students face during senior year.However, if the disappointment is shown without any encouragement the child’s reaction may be one of resentment. The child may just feel like the mother is picking on them and won’t want to make an effort to improve their behavior. "Seeking Security Or Growth: A Regulatory Focus Perspective On Motivations In Romantic Relationships." Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology 101.5 (2011): 935-954. As our individual lives progress we learn that the choices we make contribute to who we become.The places we go, the people we meet, and the pains we endure are some of the many things that shape us into who we are.


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