Parsons Cdt Thesis 2011

Parsons Cdt Thesis 2011-25
After spending time outside of academia too, I knew the MRes year would be a great re-introduction to a lot of the concepts that I'd learnt and forgotten.Siyu Yang Before joining this CDT, I completed my BEng in Thermal Energy and Power Engineering at Harbin Institute of Technology in China.

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Following this I worked for a while at Applied Intelligence - the technology consulting arm of BAE Systems.

My degree gave me a lot of exposure to fluid mechanics and many of its sub-disciplines, but I wasn't too sure in which area I wanted to specialise, and so the diverse and interdisciplinary nature of the CDT appealed to my indecisiveness.

The core courses of this CDT programme which involve theoretical, computational and experimental expertise in fluid dynamics are quite suitable for students, such as myself, who want to obtain a comprehensive understanding of this topic.

What is more interesting is that the programme is actually an interdisciplinary one.

The most noteworthy were the development and testing of an engine exhaust pulse replicator for turbocharger performance evaluation, and a theoretical project on the magnetic control of shock-turbulence interactions in a plasma with application for spacecraft re-entry.

To experience fluid dynamics in industry, I also completed a year long placement as an aerodynamics performance engineer at the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team.I have done research investigating instabilities representing mixing near the stomach wall, and, following the work of Crowdy et al.(2011), I investigated the use of complex analysis to model a low Reynolds number swimmer beneath a free surface.I first heard about the CDT by word of mouth, and decided to apply for it because of a few simple reasons: The CDT allows me to continue broadening and deepening my understanding of fluid dynamics, it gives me an opportunity to see the experimental aspects of fluid dynamics, it provides classes for refining various computational skills, and it gives me a firm foundation for a Ph D to continue researching low Reynolds number fluid dynamics.Larry Kostorz I am Polish and I did my BA (Maths) and MMath (Applied Maths) in Peterhouse, Cambridge.During the last four years, I learned a lot about fluid dynamics, especially the flows in the steam turbine and the gas turbine, and I finished my graduation thesis with respect to the simulation of the turbulence and transition on the low-pressure turbine blade of the gas turbine.Following my interest in fluid dynamics, I came to Imperial College London with the hope of acquiring broader and deeper knowledge of this subject.I joined the CDT mainly to learn proper CFD and scientific computing/modelling which I hope are going to play a significant role in my Ph D - four years of mostly pen-and-paper maths were great but I do not want to stop there (can you tell that I am not a pure mathematician? Topics in fluids I have enjoyed the most so far include stability theory, creeping flows (with applications to microorganisms), climate dynamics, asymptotics and perturbation theory - hopefully there will be much more coming this year!Stavros Bontitsopoulos Before I joined the CDT, I received a Diploma degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in Mechanical Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.During my senior year, I moved to EPFL in Switzerland to conduct experiments in flow dynamics and heat transfer.My undergraduate studies and the hands-on experience that I acquired at EPFL sparked my interest in academic research.


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