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Some of the critics point out that the people writing about this phenomena are supported by organizations with distinct social or political goals, and that the proponents are making lots of money with best-selling books, articles, and lecture tours.

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After all, the intelligentsia are the people who do the cultural studies.

But such panics do happen, and we’re going to take a long look at a real doozy.

Both students complained about the manner in which the played up the incident as a grand battle over racism, and felt that Thernstrom overreacted by dropping the course entirely.

A statement issued by Harvard about the case affirmed that “instructors exercise full discretion over the content of lectures and the conduct of classroom discussion,” and Thernstrom suffered no disciplinary action at all.

In their reviews of D’Souza’s book, Eugene Genovese and C.

Vann Woodward, both respected liberal-left scholars, cited the Thernstrom case as an especially striking instance of leftish intolerance.[12] Jon Weiner investigated D’Souza’s account shortly after spoken to Thernstrom after class, several times.Certain accounts become canonical though repetition and recirculation in the handful of books that promote the reality of these phenomena.Although differing in particulars, the authors make grand and sweeping claims as to the importance of the phenomena.Others point out that the dangers described by the phenomena’s proponents are exaggerated well out of reasonable consideration.Some detect a slightly paranoid tone to the accounts– the people who report the phenomena (some repeatedly) have a tendency to describe it as a siege, a conspiracy, a virus-like entity that’s out to get , personally.There are hundreds of newsletters, magazines, conservative college newspapers, radio talk-show hosts, and time-surfeited Usenet cranks all too happy to circulate the PC scare.The PC Panic has a certain congruency with the things I’ve written about previously in this magazine..” Panics and hysterias are always associated with screaming, frenzied mobs.But– in the same way that policemen are more forgiving of cops who break the law– the hysterias of a culture’s thinkers, opinion-makers and educators aren’t examined nearly as often.Some of them have relatively prosaic explanations for the individual incidents described.Others investigate particular, canonical incidents, and find that in many cases the accounts are inaccurate, under-researched, or exaggerated.


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