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Most MBA candidates realize that convincing the admissions office that they are leaders is of the utmost importance. Too many applicants end up devoting most of their essay word count—and application real estate as a whole—to sharing individual achievements rather than leadership accomplishments.In fact, it can sometimes be tricky to distinguish between an individual accomplishment story and a leadership story.Ideally, the career goals you share in your Career Goals essay will also demonstrate a global scope.

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Your primary objective in writing your MBA application essays is to provide evidence that proves you possess the qualities that admissions committees value most.

Doing so will bring you one step closer to earning an acceptance letter.

MBA admissions officers are interested in your character.

Have you built trust with others and kept the promises you have made to yourself and to other people?

It’s no secret that MBA programs are seeking to admit future leaders.

That’s why leadership tops our list of the qualities that MBA programs value most.While reading the following definitions of the qualities we listed, start to consider which ones you can best exemplify in your application materials.Later, you will want to be certain of your shortlist of qualities, so that you can evaluate the drafts you’ve written and your MBA application as a whole in order to ask yourself whether or not you have managed to highlight the qualities you decided to feature in your application strategy.A person who has a collaborative style is a team player who works well with others and puts the good of the group ahead of his or her self-interest.Business schools want to see that you are going to contribute to the success of your classmates and their learning and growth.A person who is globally aware typically has had life experiences that extend beyond his or her home country.When writing your MBA application essays, look for ways to emphasize your cross-cultural and international experiences.This trait is the opposite of being selfish or self-serving.Integrity has to do with honesty, ethics, and morals – it centers on your sense of right and wrong.If you’ve read this article closely and started to reflect on a subset of the above qualities that you can best exemplify in your application essays, then you are one step closer to writing powerful application essays.With a clear understanding of the types of essay questions you’re going to face during the MBA application process and a better handle on the qualities you need to showcase in your application essays, you are now prepared to begin the essay brainstorming process.


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