Personal Finance Essay

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Additionally, the essay will delve into different aspects of carrying out the personal financial plan such as making a budget which serves to direct wise spending, managing credits which deals with smart borrowing, saving for the future which prepares graduates for emergencies and small extra funds and lastly, it will talk about smart investing which can bring about large wealth to college graduates who start out with little money.

This essay will provide insightful information for college graduates to be financially successful.

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As graduation day approaches, many college students look forward to a time when they can pursue the great things that they desire independently.

For example, central bankers and finance authorities raise or lower interest rates on savings, deposits and loans that affect us in one way or another.

Sellers increase prices and wage earners ask for a raise. All of these involve making financial decisions and planning.Your goals will tell you how you should manage your finances so that when you wish to meet your goals you have enough funds with you.You can then plan accordingly how much you need to save today for the future plans and how much returns you will receive on your investments to fulfill your future needs.Received 25 July 2016; accepted 28 August 2016; published 31 August 2016 1.Introduction Financial planning is a skill most people are forced to acquire at some point in their lives because finance is a vital part in our lives.We make use of finance in a manner that almost borders on instinct, making everyday purchase decisions without much thought.Finance impacts our lives without letting us know its details.are the leading online assignment help provider in India.Our online assignment help services are especially dedicated to the students studying in India so that they get the best and most professional help within the boundaries.However, there are some keys to financial success listed in Table 1.College graduates need to bear the 6 steps above in mind in making personal financial planning in order to achieve financial success [3] . First Step: Identifying Smart Financial Goals Identifying the financial goals help you determine the things you want to save and invest for, like ・ a vehicle ・ a tuition ・ a decent living ・ emergencies ・ your individual future goals Defining one’s financial objective is vital before planning for finances.


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