Persuasive Speech Assignment

Persuasive Speech Assignment-59
Include information you gain from this contact person in your speech.Additionally, make a clear statement of how this topic has an impact on OUR daily lives.

Include information you gain from this contact person in your speech.Additionally, make a clear statement of how this topic has an impact on OUR daily lives.

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You will complete a “research defense” assignment again. ~STEP 2 – Survey the Class Create an audience survey following the same procedure for your informative speech.

Ask three questions to gain more information about how we feel about your topic: one fixed response, one ranked, one open – follow these question types for credit (you may ask more questions though).

You will attach this to your typed speech outline on the day of your speech and in the drop box.

Reflecting the democratic spirit, your idea of what we can do to make a difference should include actions open to others for involvement – if even in a small way (e.g., sign this petition or join or buy this, go there, etc.).

Summarize what you learned from your interview in a paragraph and hand it in with your outline on the day of your speech and in the drop box as noted in class.

Persuasive Speech Assignment

3) Research: You will need four sources in addition to your interview.

The main mission is to convince your listeners that your point is the only right even if it is not.

Your speech should come as the ultimate resolution to all problems arising during your performance.

Thus, you will have at least 5 sources total with your interview.

You can conduct additional interviews, use local news providers, more generalized research on volunteerism or your topic, etc.


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