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Hence, even though they may not have a common understanding of what questions should be deemed philosophical and how they should be answered, philosophers do agree that it is not enough to merely have an opinion on philosophical issues.They aim to understand the truth of all things and nature by employing systematic methods that are defensible or logically sound and discarding untenable ones.Philosophy is a discipline that concerns itself with the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, human existence, and the reality of all things that exist in our world.

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A strong philosophical argument should help reveal unapparent conclusions by starting and logically advancing from true premises.

are facts that can be agreed on without a doubt due to the universality and permanence inherent to them.

Whatever the argument may be, there is always a claim - the idea behind is to support or counter the claim.

Countering a claim or theory means to refute it by using negative arguments.

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Similarly, supporting a claim means to effectively validate it by presenting positive arguments.

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