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I chose this assignment because it served my need for the poster I wanted to have on my story.

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Sunset provides the perfect lighting and usually colors the surrounding environment really well too, so that creates opportunity in which beginners can practice new techniques and methods and then transfer them over to more complex photographs. enough of that, here’s a tutorial from Andrei who explains how to create a dramatic Sunset picture using your own photograph, and the Photoshop software.

You already have the preview available, now you need to learn how to recreate it.

As a kid, it never occurred to me that it was the photos that were black and white, not the world! The author for this tutorial is calling this one another ‘dramatic’ tutorial, but in all fairness, it’s not nearly as dramatic as it is faded.

The faded effect here helps to really instill the atmosphere in the picture, and give it second life if that’s what you’d call it.

Surprisingly, achieving the sample result only takes a few moments of your time, so get to work and explore!

Winter is always coming, and during the winter season there are many cool ways to spice things up in our photography by yielding inspiration from nature itself. How can you add little snowflakes to your pictures using Photoshop?

Definitely an intermediate level tutorial, a cup of coffee will be more than called for.

Fashion photography can be taken to the digital level quite easily, just learn how to use Photoshop! The best way to begin though, is through tutorials.

Did you know that half the time when you’re watching a video representing winter, it’s actual digital art that you’re watching, not the real deal?

It sucks, but that’s just how things are in the world of everything digital.


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