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Although the trimeric structure of LHCII is conserved between the two lineages, its subunit composition and function are believed to differ significantly.In this study, we purified four LHCII trimers from the green alga and analyzed their biochemical properties.Noncyclic photophosphorylation is widely held to involve a collaboration of two photoreactions: a short-wavelength photoreaction belonging to System II and a long-wavelength photoreaction belonging to System I.

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The redox rhythm disappeared when transcription/translation of clock genes is defunctionalized, indicating that the transcription/translation controlled by a core Kai ABC oscillator generates the circadian redox rhythm.

Importantly, the amplitude of the redox rhythm at a constant light condition was large enough to affect the Kai ABC oscillator.

These findings are corroborated by ground state spectra, pigment extractions, ultrafast transient absorption studies, and the yields of B-side transmembrane charge separation.

The changes in coordination chemistries did not reveal an RC with sufficiently precise poising of the redox properties of the B site and into the widely observed multi-exponential decay of the excited state of the primary electron donor.

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Furthermore, we show that the snapshot TA technique can be successfully applied to completely intact photosynthetic organisms such as live cells of .

This demonstrates that the snapshot TA technique is a valuable method for tracking the dynamics of intact samples that evolve over time, such as the photosynthetic system in response to high-light exposure.

The absorption and fluorescence spectra were also similar, although the peak positions differed slightly.

These results indicate that this green alga contains four types of LHCII trimer with different biochemical and spectroscopic features.


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