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Some ISPs offer dedicated cable internet access to avoid this problem.A dedicated line is what it sounds like: a connection dedicated to only transmit from the ISP to your business.

There are a couple different types of DSL internet, the main two being ADSL and SDSL.

The A and S stand for “asymmetric” and “symmetric,” respectively.

A downside of cable internet is that the copper coaxial cables are susceptible to electrical surges or heat damage.

The fastest and most reliable cable connections use HFC cables—which aren’t as prone to electrical surges—and DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem technology.

Do you have the right broadband internet connection for your business? If you’re like us, you’ve asked yourself these questions, maybe because you just started up or bought a new business or decided your office needed a change.

Broadband is an umbrella term that refers to just about any type of residential or business internet that is faster than dusty, old dial-up connections.ADSL connections tend to have faster download speeds than upload speeds, which is fine for businesses that don’t do a ton of upload-heavy file sharing.SDSL typically has matching upload and download speeds, which is great for video conferencing, but it’s not as widely available as ADSL.Your business gets connected via a DSL modem that in turn connects to your devices using local or wireless internet connections.One note about the term DSL: many current DSL Internet Service Providers have networks that use a combination of DSL, fiber-optic, or other connections.But that doesn’t answer which internet service is best for your business.Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple as picking a winner—each type has its own benefits, flaws, and quirks.Yet a potential risk stems from traditional cable internet sharing connections with other subscribers in the area.That means that during peak times, you could experience lagging speeds as your neighbors drink from the same well of internet juice.Broadband connections are typically “wireline,” which means you get connected to your high-speed Internet Service Provider (ISP) through a complex chain of cables.But there’s also wireless broadband, most notably in the form of satellite internet that is broadcast from stations orbiting the planet.


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