Positive Ambition Essay

If you are ambitious in your job, you will be looking for ways to move up the ladder of success. They may be satisfied with their present position and simply want to get by.

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Although being ambitious is a positive personal character trait, being too ambitious can result in negative character traits.

Some people may have such a great desire to succeed and are so ambitious to reach the top that they may be ruthless, dishonest or harmful to others.

Instead, he said, "Oh, any old junker will do." My impression was that he wasn't too ambitious. Their dream is to get out of doing any sort of work and to be spending their time in leisure activities.

Some of those who are not ambitious don't even just want to get by. Being shiftless is a negative character trait that leads to a lack of success in what they attempt.

People who are ambitious are focused on achieving a goal and this can have some very positive side effects, especially if your goal is something that you are actually passionate about.

Positive Ambition Essay

Some of the desirable characteristics that can develop as a result of ambition include persistence, discipline, determination, experience and creativity!When your path through life is clear, then it becomes so much more enjoyable to make your journey!Ambition is all very well, but you must actually follow through on your plans to gain success and satisfaction.Of course, ambition will not automatically bring out every single one of these characteristics every single time, but there is certainly a greater chance of these traits emerging in somebody who has ambition.Another useful thing that comes hand in hand with having life ambitions is clarity.People in entertainment and in business are sometimes exposed in the news for their unsavory tactics in getting ahead.Unfortunately, many ruthless people—those with too much ambition—reach the top.It is incredibly satisfying when you have set yourself a life long goal and manage to overcome all of the obstacles the stood between you and that goal.It could be argued that there would be no success if we did not have ambition to drive us forward.A person who seems to be without ambition is often judged to be shiftless.However, it is your choice as to how much ambition you have. In such a case, you may be ruthless and apply negative actions to achieve your goals.


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