Positives And Negatives Of Internet Essay

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This incudes online threatening and or harassing behaviour that an individual engages in repeatedly.

This incudes online threatening and or harassing behaviour that an individual engages in repeatedly.This is in most cases potentially dangerous only if someone manages to get a hold of your email address otherwise this form of harassment isn't really that much of a problem .You must try to use it for good purposes only; otherwise, Internet is the biggest curse for you by modern technological world.

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Continuous use of Internet is bad for our eyesight as well.

Cyber Crimes Since anyone can use Internet, so the huge user base of this virtual world contains some naughty minds as well.

We can stay updated with the latest happenings in the world, can stay connected with the world all the time, can get knowledge about anything we want and can do lot other things with the Internet.

But as you know, nothing comes with ‘only’ benefits.

Although some people may be left in uncomfortable situations and in a worried state of mind that this person may eventually catch up with you in the long run. : Identity theft according to is the deliberate assumption of another person's identity, usually to gain access to their finances or frame them for a crime.

Less commonly, it is to enable illegal immigration, terrorism, espionage, or changing identity permanently.Internet is one of the best inventions for us and importance of Internet is huge in our lives.It has become the best source to get knowledge about any aspect. Internet is nothing less than a boon for person related to any field- be it student, employee or anything else.The internet as we all know is probably the most useful resource known to man in this day of age.Not only is the internet easy to access its easy to use.Everything has got its negative points as well, and so the Internet has. Internet Addiction Disorder The biggest negative impact of Internet is the ‘Internet Addiction Disorder’.The question might have hit your mind that what are the negative impacts of Internet, right? Well, since the researches about this Internet disease are still going on, so it is hard to define it at this time.I believe that in some cases it is and the internet can be highly dangerous if it is abused or used in the wrong hands.This is because the internet as much of a benefit it may be does have the potential to put other people at risk for anything from physical to psychological harm.Its grandeur is magnified by the fact that it enables one to do tasks that were regarded as nothing short of “miraculous” by people a few decades ago.Internet is a global system of inter connected networks that help the sharing and manipulation of various kinds of data by following a set of protocols.


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