Poultry Business Plan

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The model of this business is raising broiler chickens for sale.How you’re going to sell them can be varied depending on your target niche.

After purchasing the broiler day old chicks, transport them carefully as they will need to be handled with care to avoid mortality.

Your commercial broiler poultry farming business plan should include the costs of purchasing day old chicks.

You have to decide on the size of your broiler chicken production business ie how many broilers you will have at your poultry farm.

You also have to decide on the location of your broiler poultry farm, and your target market.

The size of the land your business require will depend on the scale of your broiler chicken farming business.

Proper housing is required for your broiler chickens.You need land – this is where you will build the poultry broiler housing.Sustainability of the land must be thoroughly assessed beforehand. near major road networks, with reliable water supply, near the market and close to cheap labour.This article will outline how to start a broiler poultry farming business in South Africa, and the broiler poultry farming business plan – PDF, Word and Excel.Before you start a broiler chicken farming business in South Africa, there are some important decisions which you have to make.If the temperature is too low they have a tendency to crowd and squeeze themselves in a corner or at one spot.The other consideration on housing is to avoid direct sunlight – you can achieve this by aligning your housing unit along an east to west latitude.For small scale broiler poultry farming business you can make use of existing infrastructure that you have.However for medium to large scale commercial broiler poultry farming business, you have to construct broiler poultry housing designed specifically for the broilers.Broiler day old chicks are required when starting a broiler poultry farming business in South Africa.When purchasing the day old chicks please do your homework prior.


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