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I say this with complete repudiation of his grotesque promotion of the American slave trade.I lament that he did not equally spend his intellect on eradication of this enterprise. To quote any man, is to risk “guilt by association.” I hope the reader will be generation with that judgment here.For the Noble of Heart in Politics Scottish preacher, John Knox, observed that “You are working against your king just as much if you allow him to be a tyrant as if you oppose him.” For the noble of heart in politics, for those not ensnared in the trappings of the Greed Party, for those to whom it is not too late, I challenge you to consider this – Do you want you blood, sweat, and tears to be played like a puppet master for the fulfillment of the Greed Party’s own selfish ambitions?

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Because greed, in varying degrees, is present in every person’s heart, and must there be personally combatted, the most difficult question of government is thus how to greed in politics.

To this end, the founders of our peculiar American government proposed a Constitution that, if adhered to, would present the most effective vehicle, conceived by man, to restrain greed in politics. Senator Calhoun observed realities in government that are still true today: “I have no doubt from what I daily see that our whole system is rapidly becoming a mere money-making concern to those who have the control of it.” And that “every feeling of patriotism is rapidly sinking into a universal spirit of [greed].” Calhoun went on to observe that both parties are fundamentally at odds, not over social issues of justice, mercy, and equity, but over control of the government’s tax revenue: “The Federal Government is no longer under the control of the people, but of a combination of active politicians who are banded together under the name of Democrats or Whigs.

Its trail is elusive, and the more you hunt it, the more it seems to hunts you.

In fact, greed, like lust, seeks to daily corrupt all of our motives and actions.

The Ring was created by the Dark Lord Sauron, but the ring was taken from him, and was passed from creature to creature in Tolkein’s Middle Earth.

Tolkein’s Fellowship of the Ring has powers beyond anyone’s belief or imagination.George Washington, skeptical that the Constitution could do just that, restrain greed in politics, lamented that if the American people “would not do what the Constitution called on them to do, the government would be at an end, and must then assume another form.” What would lead a political leader to fail to do what the Constitution called on them to do? And whose exclusive object is to obtain the control of the honors and emoluments of the government.What would lead them to violate the bounds of the Constitution, set in party by the 10th Amendment, to gain more power, money, or prestige? They have the control of the almost entire press of the country and constitute of vast majority of Congress and of all the functionaries of the Federal Government.“The World is One Big Whorehouse” Greed in politics. A reporter’s favorite hobby is exposing a politician’s hypocritical greed.Yet, tracing the ways of greed in politics is like tracking a snake in a boulder field.As far back as 1845, one of America’s greatest political minds These four observations of greed in politics are just as true today as they were in 1845. David Crocket observed in the 1830’s that “the power of collecting and distributing money at pleasure is the most dangerous power known to man.” Crocket was notable in resisting the urge of the Federal Government to dispense with tax revenue in a manner that surpassed those powers delegated to them by the States – no matter how virtuous the cause may present.The allure of controlling ill-gotten tax revenue of government was exponentially magnified with the facade-passing of the 16th Amendment in 1913 (not to mention its surreptitious implementation) and the shadowy Federal Reserve the same year.A third party must emerge whose strings are not pulled by the Greed Party.A third party must emerge whose fight for political good is not directed at opposition to the Republicans or to the Democrats, but rather directly at the serpentine Greed Party itself.True riches come from the peace of apply Jehovah’s wisdom.In Parts II and III we plan to examples of greed in Alabama politics, and potential solutions.


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