Power Of Nonviolence Essay

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The non-violent movement was tested in places like Birmingham, Alabama.

"During that period of time you had people who were being murdered, homes being bombed, churches being bombed and there was a sense that evil would prevail," said William Bell, Birmingham’s current mayor.

Civic action and the legislative process are the ways we’ve achieved progress. catalyzed change in America by embracing non-violent protest methods and engaging in constructive, positive political action.

With the help of millions of people who joined the civil rights movement, Dr.

As we begin to experiment with nonviolence, we will come face-to-face not only with our actions, but with our hearts as well. King's words: May we choose to experiment with nonviolence in our families, our communities, and in our public discourse.

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If we take this experiment seriously, we will discover a force more powerful, a force powerful enough to transform our relationships on every level, powerful enough to transform our culture and to change the world.When New Yorker Julio Diaz followed the man who had taken his wallet at knifepoint and offered him his coat as well, leading to a transformative conversation and to his wallet being returned, he demonstrated the power of nonviolence in response to street violence. Al Green started his town hall meeting on health-care reform with questions for his audience about how the meeting should be conducted, resulting in the group creating a mutually agreed-upon contract, he demonstrated the power of mutual respect in a group to counter disruptive violent tactics.We need more people who will follow in the footsteps of these pioneers.One of the most contested issues of their day – the 1790’s — was the question of who counted as a citizen.When our constitution was passed in 1789, black slaves, Native Americans, women, and others were not given the same rights as white men.Even with these advancements, my country has often struggled to grow into the ideals laid out so eloquently in our Declaration of Independence and codified in our Constitution.Thankfully, Americans throughout my nation’s history have remained stubborn, but practical.Now more than ever in Nepal, all stakeholders should work together in the sincere, constructive, and non-violent spirit of Dr. to achieve mutually agreeable and lasting compromises Today the United States celebrates the lifework and incredible legacy of one of our most influential citizens, civil rights leader Reverend Dr. In 1994, Congress designated Martin Luther King Day as a National Day of Service, encouraging Americans to spend the day helping their communities.As a result, many see Martin Luther King Day as “a day on, not a day off,” to join together in programs to improve our communities.He said his actions were ultimately designed to find common ground between groups.He wrote:“The aftermath of nonviolence is reconciliation and the creation of a beloved community.” And that’s what the United States is working toward in Nepal, a “beloved community” that is representative of the people and delivers on the kind of social change envisioned by Dr.


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