Powerpoint Presentation On Perception And Critical Thinking

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Imagine someone beating rhythmically on a table with a pencil: tap, tap, tap, tap.By the third beat, you have anticipated the timing.

Imagine someone beating rhythmically on a table with a pencil: tap, tap, tap, tap.By the third beat, you have anticipated the timing.

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Back in the 1950s and 1960s, when computers were in their infancy, the thinking was that it would take a decade or so to build “perceiving machines” that could respond to sight, sound, touch and so on as well as a human being. Lose a sense, however, and you will quickly appreciate what is missing.

I know because that’s what happened to me when I found out my son was deaf. What has to happen to put on the show that is our awareness of our environment? Neuroscientists have recently done some radical rethinking about the very nature of perception.

It has also been found that abusiveness has little to do with how a man feels, and everything to do with how he thinks.

Numerous reports show that domestic abuse permeates our society regardless of age, race, culture, occupation, income, or social status, with more than twelve million incidents per year.

If you see her in the grocery store dressed in jeans, you’ll be slower to realize you know her.

Predictable events are easy for the brain; unpredictable events require more effort.

A case-study approach was used to capture pivotal moments or turning points in the academic’s critical thinking journey, when knowing to know critical thinking as a concept transformed to knowing critical thinking as a knower of it, and then knowing to be a critical thinker being a critical thinker - all in the context of being an educator who is responsible and accountable for facilitating learning in others.

“She really makes me think” is a common expression shared by many students regarding one instructor’s teaching style, this being consistent over the past ten years. In that time period, the instructor schooled herself in the Paulian Framework of critical thinking, purposefully and explicitly planning for critical thinking to be ever-present in the classroom and evidenced always in student works - whether these be in-class contributions or submitted, written artifacts.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 The concurrent sessions are presented by attendees who are attempting to foster critical thinking in teaching and learning. Several high-profile cases in the sports arena have recently drawn national attention to this subject, leading to powerful public service announcements, heightened awareness of crisis centers, and protracted discussion on assuring that abusers are punished.

Choose one concurrent session to attend for each time slot. But what are we doing to look deeper into the causes, and to take proactive steps to consider implications and consequences BEFORE the abuse occurs?


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