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Statistically 70% of pregnancies end with abortions among teenagers, about 15% end with miscarriages and only 15% of the girls give normal birth to the babies.The younger the woman becomes pregnant, the more dangerous the pregnancy and giving birth will be for her.But for some mothers it may be shocking and terrifying.

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The bills are all on hold, as lower-court judges have blocked them from taking effect.

Protests rocked Missouri last week, before a federal circuit judge in St.

It is recommended to attend the courses for pregnant women preparing for childbirth.

Young mother learns not just about the psychophysiology of pregnancy, childbirth and childcare, but also of how to breastfeed.

Louis granted a that stopped the state’s only abortion clinic from losing its license at midnight Friday. Missouri is among the states to pass laws with no exceptions for rape or incest—most of the new wave of laws allow abortion only if there a threat to the mother’s life.

Mississippi also allows an abortion if there is a threat to “a major bodily function,” and Louisiana’s law also includes an exception when the pregnancy is “medically futile.”A law Kentucky passed in March is already being blocked.World Health Organization along with the United Nations fund published the recommendations and guidelines on prevention of early pregnancies and ways to reduce the adverse consequences of reproductive health.There were 6 objectives outlined: reduce the rate of marriages of people who are under 18; ensure understanding and support in order to reduce the pregnancy before the age of 20; increase the use of contraceptives to avoid the risk of unplanned pregnancy; reduce forced sexual intercourses; reduce abortions; increase the use of qualified prenatal, obstetric and postpartum care by teenagers.By the way, according to latest research even the thought of abortion increases the tendency of the child to depression in future and suicidal thoughts.Taking the decision on termination or continuation of early pregnancy, parents should remember that early motherhood is much better than later regret about its impossibility.It was designed to address cases like the one in the essay, no amount of medical care would save a child born without a brain.But the doctor references other cases, in which, “You’ve done this before, cared for women whose wishes were warped by politics.Pregnant girls aged thirteen to sixteen years old have three times increased the risk of miscarriage.It is difficult for them to manage the pregnancy and various pathologies during pregnancy, such as anemia, strong toxicosis or placental insufficiency are more likely to develop.This is a complex issue, discussions of which should take many factors into account, including medical, psychological, social, economic, cultural and, in some cases, even religious aspects.Early pregnancy is a tough test both for the future mother and her parents.


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