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There's a very short and simply written book, called "Being Logical - A Guide to Good Thinking" by D. Mc Inerny, which is probably a good choice if you want something simple and concise, but which I personally wouldn't recommend except for absolute beginners and only as a starting point before taking on some better and more comprehensive textbooks.

There are various definitions, but the one that best suits our purpose and which is, in the end, perhaps the best, is . Thanks, Marcel A creek is a natural freshwater stream smaller than a river, from an online definition.

In the relevant scientific literature, of course, the term is used much more broadly as a framework for understanding human cognition. It does not have a fixed volume at a fixed moment in time, it is ever changing. Given enough time, a creek's volume can add up to more than that of a pond. Interpretation, background, and experience all influence the logic involved. Marcel Yes, you are right and you got me on this one. But I am happy that the puzzle showed how imperfect critical thinking can be and, especially how variable. Thanks so much, M Specifically, questions 2,4 and 6 evaluate the knowledge or ideas the reader has on general topics, to a certain degree, rather than testing his reasoning skills.

This “indeterminacy” characterizes this kind of thinking. For instance, what do the following five things have in common? Some involve knowledge of facts, but critical thinking is still involved in such cases because the organization of the facts according to some principle is always involved—for example, a puzzle may ask you to put five items in order of their dates of invention. In order to give the right answer to this kind of questions, you only have to possess the piece of knowledge on a given topic and be able to recall the data, while the amount of actual reasoning thereafter is close to zero.( I can also agree with "Andra" user on the issue with question 6, i.e. So they can hardly be described either as "critical thinking puzzles" or "puzzles" at all.

The following tongue-in-cheek definition of critical thinking by Richard W. Regarding the rest of the questions (1,3,5 and 7), they mostly call for the knowledge of definitions of respective items, where once again, as long as you know the definitions, you can automatically give at least one correct answer to them.

I have never in my career received so many comments--actually providing proof of my contention that some problems are set up artificially to test logical thinking but end up showing that such thinking is shaped by many other creative and variable processes.

In addition, the many comments have truly provided me with insights into the nature of puzzle-solving.

Question V: "Head" armchair-head of a dining table egghead imagination (where it occurs) overhead understand (one has to have a head for it) For what it's worth, I got all of the answers right and that would include entertaining the same things others tendered as possible answers as well. Lastly, what got me here was the question on PT's facebook post that landed me here titled: "Think you're clever?

Let's find out." The use of "clever" in this case implies that those who exercise critical thinking skills are clever. noun: critical thinking the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.

"Critical thinking" isn't primarily about knowing anything in particular.

It has more to do with doubt and skepticism about information you have to deal with rather than with possessing or memorizing any particular piece of information.


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