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Advantages or disadvantages to each solution should be included, as well as feasibility of the proposed solutions.If any attempts have already been made to solve the problem, those should be described as well.

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The first step to writing a problem-solution essay is to identify the problem that will be discussed.

It can be helpful to brainstorm possible essay topics and create a list of bullet-point ideas that could possibly be discussed for each topic.

Students are always advised to select topics they are well acquainted with or something they are passionate about.

Additionally, when writing an essay, it is also necessary to consider choosing a topic which has a viable or practical solution.

The best problem-solution topics are interesting and can be viewed from multiple perspectives, but are also not so broad that a solution to the problem is impossible to imagine.

The opening of a problem-solution essay should describe the problem and provide relevant background information.The problem should be clearly defined, and the causes of the problem should be identified if possible.The extent of the problem must also be described, as well as the effects of the problem and possible consequences of allowing the problem to continue unsolved.It may also be useful to briefly restate the problem and describe the effects of leaving the problem unsolved.The best problem-solution essays will create a sense of urgency and lead the reader to become interested in solving the problem.What are the most serious problems associated with the internet and what solutions can you suggest?The enormous growth in the use of the internet over the last decade has led to radical changes to the way that people consume and share information.It will usually be placed in the opening paragraph, although in some cases the thesis can be reserved for the latter part of the essay where it will be revealed after a complete discussion of the problem and possible solutions have taken place.The body of a problem-solution essay should fully describe proposed solutions to the problem and discuss the possible outcomes of each solution.There is no doubt that this affects their thoughts and development, which is a negative impact for the children and for society.Another major problem is the growth of online fraud and hacking.


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