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Some multiprocessor computers have multiple CPU chips or a multi-core processor (a single chip containing multiple CPUs).These computers are capable of faster speeds because they can process different sets of instructions at the same time.”“Most personal computers use two types of disk drives as their secondary storage devices-hard drives and optical drives. 300 Answer: A Answer Explanation: Since the population increases at the rate of 1 person every 15 seconds, it increases by 4 people every 60 seconds, that is, by 4 people every minute.

Therefore, the number of fellows is 9,209/75,077 of the total membership, or approximately 12 percent. If the regular price per can is discounted 15 percent when the soda is purchased in 24-can cases, what is the price of 72 cans of this brand of soda purchased in 24-can cases?

35% Answer: B Answer Explanation: From the table, the number of fellows is 9,209, and the total membership is the sum of the 5 numbers, which is 75,077. The regular price per can of a certain brand of soda is $0.40.

Approximately what percent less did Jane save in 1990 than in 1989?

In 1990 Dick saved 8 percent more than in 1989, and together he and Jane saved a total of $5,000.

Great example text blocks to use and run within your own compiler, and is a wholistic type of learning experience for how computers both read code and function from them.

I enjoyed this textbook for my class, it was especially helpful to find there was an international version of the text at discount -After jumping around the chapters a bit, I decided that there's not much value in me learning about the syntax of C at this point in my programming self-education, and the logical concepts introduced here are things I already know.

With solutions developed using the language C, it presents four exercises to develop problem-solving skills - Practice! problems, Short-Answer problems, and Programming problems.

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